Greek International Woman Awards
Greek International Woman Awards

Katerinas speech at the 2nd Greek International Woman Awards ceremony:

"Anywhere I found or find myself in, from my family home in Chania, to my faculty in Patras or Florence, creation and art have always been present.

"Technima" my parents jewelry workshop, wan the springboard to my cource and remains somewhere in- between. During this course, through my works, I want to combine my two great loves, theater and jewelry, Crete, Greece, traveled a bit further away and left its mark.

  I would like to thank you for this honor, personally and on behalf of the girls that make up my team. A team full of passion and imagination for all our creations. On this occassion, first of all, I would like to thank my parents who helped me and a friend a partner of mine, Maria Kastani, who recognized my talent and guided me throuygh the great world of fashion.

I hope more Greek women will dream, create and design and their achievements and honors will be a compass and guide for each of us".

Date: 04/2021

Source: Greek International Women Awards

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