Katerina Makriyianni among the 5 choosen Cretan Designers for "GREECE IS".    

Katerina Makriyianni’s signature earrings are exploding with color this summer. Similar to the other pieces comprising the designer’s current collection, they were largely inspired by “Ptychoseis: Folds and Pleats, Drapery from Ancient Greek Dress to 21st Century Fashion”, a groundbreaking exhibition hosted by the Benaki Museum in Athens back in 2004. The designer, who works with silk and wool among other materials, likes to treat fabrics not as raw materials, but as the jewelry itself.

Born and raised in Hania, Makriyianni grew up in the family jewelry store/workshop founded by her parents in 1988. She presented her first solo collection in 2014 and has, since then, been steadily developing strong jewelry silhouettes, available both locally and abroad.

By Elis Kiss

Date: 07/2019

Source: Greece Is