MillionAir Magazine │ Summer 2019

"Katerina Makriyianni was born in Crete into an artisanal family who combined theis passion for their homeland and unique jewellery making in their boutique, Technima.

By her parents influence, Katerina developed a love for jewellery and started designing at an early age.

All of her pieces are hand crafted using silver, and then coated in twenty-four karat vermeil gold.

The beautiful designs reflect her native Crete, while maintaining a modern, geometrical aesthetic.

The brand's colourful aesthetic has become Katerina Makriyianni's trademark and her iconic hand fan earrings have set a trend worldwide."

By Fashion and Jewellery Director Marcella Martinelli

Date: 05/2019

Source: MillionAir Magazine

Press: Maria Kastani