Global blue

 Katerina Makriyianni is renowned for her standout feathered earrings and beautiful

jewellery. These brass and silver fan earrings make the ultimate accessory, from

spring to winter, and are perfect for minimalists and maximalists alike. Her

signature style is available in many colours, from black and navy to warm green and

a very on-trend mustard hue. Handmade with coloured wool, these earrings make a

statement while remaining easy to wear.

With a huge following worldwide, Makriyianni’s designs showcase her unique

signature style and popping colourways. She grew up in the Cretan town of Chania,

where her parents set up a jewellery boutique offering exclusive designs. She

studied theatre before specialising in design and engraving at Le Arti Orafe

jewellery school in Florence, to help her continue the family business and develop

her creativity.

By Fani Mari


Date: 06/2018

Source: Global Blue

Press: Maria Kastani